Clean-Exhaust System


Designed for generators and main engines with water separator mufflers
✔ Significantly reduces soot and particulate
✔ Facilitates fresher air for healthier living
✔ Creates no engine back pressure or engine room heat
✔ Reduces hull cleaning time
✔ Reduces harsh chemical usage on the hull
✔ ecoBrew™ is EPA and MARPOL Annex V approved

Vessels with diesel engines or generators with gas/water separator mufflers that are experiencing soot and particulate residue on their hull and in surrounding waters will appreciate the efficiency of clean -exhaust . The system’s purpose built technology creates no engine back pressure.

clean -exhaust has been integrated into a compact design with long service life that requires miniscule power to run…less than a light bulb. It has been configured to fit into many different engine room space requirements. The dosing pumps and electronics can be remote from the ecoBrew™ storage tank. An average installation takes three days with our system specialists. The monthly maintenance is minimal.

clean -exhaust injects ecoBrew™ into the generator’s raw water cooling system just before the spray ring where the ecoBrew™ binds the particulate in unburned fuel to seawater. The emulsified soot tumbles through the gas/water separator muffler and is expelled biodegrading away from the vessel’s hull. The remaining gas exhaust that is discharged into the air contains little or no particulate which facilitates a cleaner water line on the vessel, no floating sludge in the water and fresher air for the Owners, Crew, and Guests to breathe.

Prior to or during the installation of clean -exhaust , a thorough cleaning of the vessel’s exhaust piping and muffler is recommended. This initial cleaning process will produce immediate results from the clean- exhaust system.

clean -exhaust has over 5 years of testing on vessels with thousands of hours of operational time under the watchful eyes of highly trained Engineers.

Brochures & Spec Sheets

Clean Exhaust System Brochure

Clean Exhaust Operating Manual


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