FillFast Metal Remover + Water Pre-Filter

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The FillFast pre-filters remove harmful and toxic metals from water for drinking and extending the life of water treatment equipment and filters.

FillFast filter removes up to 8 times the metals of other filters!

FillFast Marine Metal Remover + Water Pre-Filter System with patented Chelok Technology. FillFast Marine uses a Chelok filter and a sediment filter to pre-filter and remove up to 90% of stain-causing metals from your fill water. Prevents staining of all surfaces including sinks, showers, and toilets. Use to pre-filter all water to prolong life of your water maker, water softener or your reverse osmosis (RO) water system. FillFast Marine prevents staining and water discoloration when filling the hot tub or spa on your vessel. Includes stainless steel stand, filters, venturi, and leader hose.

FillFast Marine is the ultimate pre-filter for your yacht. This pre-filter uses the power of patented ChelokĀ® technology to remove high levels of stain-causing metals like iron, copper, and manganese before your RO system, watermaker system, or your water softener system. Helps prolong the life of your RO membrane. Each FillFast Marine uses the Chelok Filter along with a sediment Filter to remove both sediment, particulate, and ionic metals. Included is a stainless steel portable frame and stainless steel fittings. Treats up to 10,000 gallons depending on water quality.

Chelok is a non-toxic patented polymer technology. The Chelok Technology has more capacity to bind metals from water than any resin. Periodic Products has taken the power of Chelok and created a pleated filter for optimum surface area and contact. Each Chelok filter removes and traps stain-causing and problem metals like iron, copper, manganese and even lead!

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