Marine Water Softeners: Is It Time to Get One for Your Boat?

Cruising across long distances can prove detrimental to the long-term health of your boat. This is because much of the water found along boating routes is hard water – that is, water that contains a large quantity of dissolved minerals and contaminants. Some of these minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, aren’t harmful to human health but they can cause inefficiencies or other types of damages to your boat. Fortunately, marine water softeners utilize several methods to transform this hard water, which saves you time and money! So, how do you know when it’s time to get one for your boat? Just keep reading to learn more!

Hard water is incompatible with soap, dries out skin and hair, and damages pipes and plumbing fixtures due to scale build-up. It does have its fair share of benefits – for example, it can reduce the solubility of toxic metal ions – but hard water will often do more harm to your boat than good. Soft water will preserve the exterior of your boat as well as its pipes and fixtures.

Hardness in water is usually caused by the presence of minerals that have become trapped. Certain regions of the country are especially notorious for hard water, including Florida. It’s not always evident that your boat is suffering from hard water buildup, but there are a few ways to check! Try measuring water hardness with the following suggestions:

  • Hard water produces noticeably less lather when it interacts with soap. Plus, it produces a white precipitate that is absent when using soft water. This is in contrast to soft water’s interaction with soap, which is sure to yield a much greater lather.
  • Some pre-packaged kits can indicate how many grains per gallon of mineral presence are in the water. There is no exact number that differentiates hard water from soft water but consider that 3 or fewer grains per gallon is considered slightly hard while anything over 14 grains per gallon is considered extremely hard water.

If you confirm hard water using either of these methods, then the time may be right to invest in a marine water softener for your boat! Eliminating hard water in favor of softer water will make your travels easier and preserve your boat’s finish for much longer, which also maintains your boat’s value. Not only will the water taste better without mineral contamination, but the lifespan of all your appliances and utilities onboard will improve as well. Contact Yacht-Mate Products today to learn more about our incredible selection of leading marine water softeners! All of our softeners include hardness test kits and are guaranteed to eliminate hard water stains, which saves you time and money on cleaning!

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