4 Reasons Why Boat Watermakers Are Essential to Long-Term Cruising

Imagine having a limitless supply of fresh drinking water no matter where or how long you’re boating. This is precisely what boat watermakers make possible for those cruising across the open sea! Through an intricate process of reverse osmosis, contaminants are removed from the very water we sail on to turn it into fresh water for everyone onboard. The benefits of this are crystal clear – just read on to learn four of the most important ones!

Good Boating, Great Health

Hydration is a vital aspect of boating. While spending so much time under the sun, we are more likely to become dehydrated which can result in fatigue, dizziness, and headache. A sufficient rule of thumb is to drink water every 15-20 minutes when you’re aboard your vessel, which can quickly deplete a finite amount of drinking water. With a boat watermaker, you will suffer no such shortage of drinking water, allowing all passengers to remain hydrated all day long.

Cut Weight and Add Space

Installing a boat watermaker eliminates the need to over encumber your yacht with bottled water. Consider that one gallon of water weighs 8.3 pounds. For every 10 gallons of bottled water being stored onboard, you are adding 83 pounds of weight to your vessel! This results in wasted fuel and slower speeds. Boat watermakers make water at 1-5 gallons per minute, which can then be pumped out to distribution points throughout the vessel. In order to enjoy access to a fresh source of drinkable water in locations such as the galley, salon, or bridge bars, boaters should consider point of use filtration for their yacht, as well!

No More Pitstops

With the endless fresh water supplied by boat watermakers, you will no longer have to plan your routes around marinas and other places to stop for water. What does this mean for boaters? You can ship off and stay out in the open waters for as long as you’d like! With a boat watermaker, your cruising possibilities will truly become limitless.

Make Your Boat Shine Like New

Sea salt and other minerals permeate the water in the river and in the ocean. Because of these contaminants, it’s not advisable to wash your boat with it. However, boat watermakers remove all those contaminants, making it safe to use for washing! By using fresh water and boat-friendly soaps, you can polish your boat’s exterior which will keep it looking new and maintain its value – all thanks to the water filtered right onboard!

No matter your type of boat, Yacht-Mate Products has the perfect watermaker for you! We offer a wide variety of marine watermakers and can find the best one for your boat. With this useful tool onboard, you will sail with greater independence, safety, convenience, and pleasure each time you hit the open waters. View Yacht-Mate’s extensive line of products online and give us a call to purchase your watermaker!

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