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       Marine environmental systems for water and air treatment.

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Purosphere for Motor Yachts

Purosphere offers a 4-tier approach to purifying boats and yachts.

Through the use of ultra-pure chlorine dioxide, Purosphere is able to kill the odor causing bacteria at its source. Killing boat odor has been tricky before and could take a long time, potentially corrode plastics or metals and be dependent of moisture and heat present on the boat. This new system takes out the uncertainty of external variables and allows odor to be completely eliminated at the source without masking. Mold and mildew that may have been present due to the moist atmosphere can be treated as well with this system. The Boat Decontamination products will decontaminate and leave you with a 99.9999% clean area.

4 Tiered Cleaning Protocol:

Interior Cabins- Recommend quarterly to semi-annual deodorization treatment. For effective deodorization that eliminates instead of masking, the Purosphere™ deodorizers are available and will need to be used a ratio of 1 for every 1000 square feet, or broken up interior area.

  • To kill mold, mildew, bacteria and viruses that are lurking we recommend a pre-treatment spray of the area, using the 2L500 product. It is sold in a convenient dry package. Just add water and it is ready-to-use in 30 minutes. From here you can dilute down to 100 ppm (5:1 dilution with water) and add to a spray bottle or garden sprayer. For killing mold, there are benefits to scrubbing first with a surfactant, or other soap product followed by the spray of the 2L500 and the deodorizer products.*

Surfaces- Clean and deodorize your surfaces regularly to cut down on sickness and odor, or have us do it for you. Using ultra-pure chlorine dioxide will leave your surfaces 99.9999%, clean and void of threats such as MRSA, listeria, salmonella, E. coli, athlete's foot, Hepatitus A, and more. Viruses and bacteria cannot build up a resistance to our products like some other hospital approved disinfectants. Use 2L500.

Purosphere for Boats and Yachts Water Tanks- Recommend quarterly treatment to leave water safe and clean for human consumption. Also great for winterization process. Using the convenient 2L500 pouch that is EPA registered and OMRI Certified Organic.

  • Use one bag for every 250 gallons of your tank. Simply drain the current water from the tanks and refill to 20% capacity with fresh water. Pour the activated product into the tanks. Next, turn on all facet heads and shower heads to allow the product to work into the line sets. Once you see the yellow product coming through, turn off the valves. This will trap the chlorine dioxide in the line sets and allow it to begin breaking up the biofilm build-up. While this is happening, there is also a gas being emitted in the tank. The off gas allows the product to decontaminate the entire tank, and not just the portion it is covering. This can act in 4 hours, but ideally, leave overnight. The product, although it is 250 times stronger than bleach, it is non-corrosive on materials* so it cannot sit for too long. Next, drain the tank and allow the fresh water to flush the product out of the line sets. You are left with a biofilm and odor free water system.

Black Water Tanks- Recommend annual to semi-annual treatment to treat bacteria and odors.

  • Simply activate and add a 2L500 pouch

Ultra Pure Chlorine Dioxide from Purosphere™ is effective and safe and acts by eliminating boat odor and kills bacteria it at its source. CI02 also leaves no volatile organic compounds (VOC's) or residue. It's non-corrosive, so it is safe for all boats. It is eco-friendly leaves behind no residue, and is OMRI certified organic. This NEW patented easy-to-use chlorine dioxide is highly effective at killing all sorts of microbial threats such as:
Bacteria, Viruses, Odor, Mold, Mildew, Biofilm, Algae, Fungus, Athlete's Foot and More.

*Avoid use of the direct liquid on raw aluminum and nylon. Note: read directions on the pouch and take appropriate safety precautions.

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