ecoBrew™ for Clean-Exhaust Systems case of 4


Highly concentrated new ecoBrew N1

1 gal concentrate container dilutes to 4 gal with fresh water

ecoBrew™ powers clean-exhaust. The US EPA states, “The ingredients in ecoBrew™ meet the EPA’s Safer Choice criteria.”

clean-exhaust injects ecoBrew™ into the generator’s raw water cooling system just before the spray ring where the ecoBrew™ binds the particulate in unburned fuel to seawater. The emulsified soot tumbles through the gas/water separator muffler and is expelled biodegrading away from the vessel’s hull. The remaining gas exhaust that is discharged into the air contains little or no particulate which facilitates a cleaner water line on the vessel, no floating sludge in the water and fresher air for the Owners, Crew, and Guests to breathe.


1 Gal, Case of 4


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