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Yacht-Mate exhibits every year at the Boat Shows listed on the left. Click a logo for more boat show information.

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Dania Marine Flea Market

Yacht-Mate Products will be at the Dania Marine Flea Market March 1-4, 2018 at booth A109. Drop by and see discontinued items and others at great discounts. See you there!

2018 Palm Beach Boat Show

Yacht-Mate Products will be at the 2018 Palm Beach Boat Show March 21-25 in Booth 908 at the end of Datura Street in West Palm Beach. The Boat Show is on the waterfront with great access to boats and the booths for marine products. Yacht-Mate is looking forward to seeing you with all the latest air and water treatment products at the Boat Show.

See the Yacht-Mate 3D Tour below for views of our showroom, exterior and maps.

Yacht-Mate 3D Tour
Yacht-Mate 3d Tour

IndustryNet Seal
New Yacht-Mate Afiliation: IndustryNet

Yacht-Mate is proud to announce affiliation with IndustryNet, as a qualifed supplier of water filtration equipment. IndustryNet is an online resource for engineering, operations, plant/facility management, and procurement/purchasing individuals.

Purosphere Air Treatment
New Yacht-Mate Product: Purosphere Air Treatment

Yacht-Mate has added another new product to the air treatment products line. Purosphere Air Treatment kills odor causing bacteria at its source using ultra-pure chlorine dioxide. Purosphere Air Treatment does not mask odor, Purosphere eliminates odor completely. Go to the Purosphere Air Treatment page for more info.

Betterair Probiotics
New Yacht-Mate Product: BetterAir Probiotics

Yacht-Mate is pleased to add a new product to the air treatment products line. BetterAir Probiotics improves air quality and longer lasting surface cleanliness. See the BetterAir Probiotics page for more information.

The Triton Yacht-Mate Event
Yacht-Mate Triton Networking Event

Yacht-Mate Products hosted a Triton Monthly Networking Event on Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2017 from 6-8 pm at the Yacht-Mate offices located 3200 S Andrews Ave., No.105 in Fort Lauderdale. All were invited for a great time networking in the marine industry. Food and beverages were served.

Fort Lauderdale Boat Show
Fort Lauderdale Boat Show 2017

Up to 20% Show Discounts!

Yacht-Mate Products was at their booth 405 in the usual 400-600 Tent next to the Super Yacht Tent at Bahia Mar for the 2017 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show November 1 through 5. Sandy and her staff were there with the latest in technology and equipment to keep your yacht environmentally safe.

Sandy Hoekstra, Pres. of Yacht-Mate Products, inc. at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show Booth

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Yacht-Mate is on the YachtNeeds App for your convenience.

Apple YachtNeeds App
Apple YachtNeeds App
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Google YachtNeeds App

Click for ECOmar Yacht-Mate is pleased to provide a testimonial for a new ECOmar sewage treatment installation. Please read more in this Yacht-Mate Testimonial in PDF format. Find out more about ECOmar products on the ECOmar Sewage Treatment Page.

Yacht-Mate Celebrating 10 Years Yacht-Mate Celebrates Over 18 Years In Business
Thank You To Our Clients In The Marine Industry.

Yacht-Mate is pleased to announce our Eighteenth Year in the marine industry. Since 1999 Sandy Hoekstra, President of Yacht-Mate has offered a complete line of products to deliver better water and air aboard yachts world wide. More Yacht-Mate Eighteen Years News

Click for PDF MIASF Membership News Profile Sandy was featured by the MIASF in this Member Profile.